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Programme Information

The programme aims to provide fundamental training for Bachelors in Chemistry for professional activities in higher and secondary educational institutions and research organizations.

Programme's advantages:

Students are not limited to a single specialization having the opportunity to study modules of associated programmes.

Students enrolled in this Programme can study free at a leading EU university on a semester basis.

Upon completing the Programme, you will:

  • have knowledge of fundamental chemistry concepts;

  • be able to apply the knowledge of fundamental natural scientific laws and principles;

  • be able to facilitate the development of chemical science by analysing research results;

  • be able to receive and evaluate scientific experimental result using advanced computer technologies.

Programme Description

04.03.01. Chemistry. .

Duration of the Programme: 4 years.

Programme type: Full-time.

Language of instruction: Russian.

Institute: Institute of Living Systems.

Courses & Study Load

ECTS credits: 240

Core courses: inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, metrology in analytical chemistry, ecological chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, physical chemistry, colloid chemistry, physical research methods, the structure of matter, sample preparation for chemical analysis, chemical basis of biological processes, quantum mechanics, crystal chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, biotechnologies for environmental protection, bioorganic chemistry, chemical examination and environmental safety, biochemistry, stereochemistry and asymmetric synthesis, ecological and analytical monitoring of superecotoxicants, organic synthesis, natural scientific fundamentals of forensics, macromolecular compounds, industrial systems and environmental risk, theoretical foundations of supercritical fluid technologies.

Professional Training / Internships

Pre-diploma training shall be carried out to prepare an undergraduate dissertation and is compulsory.

Educational training:

The main training facility is the laboratories of the Chemistry Division the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the IKBFU. Training mode: on-site training (2 weeks).

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Chemistry has a wide range of career opportunities including:   

  • quality controller in food production ;
  • quality controller in petrochemical industry;
  • quality controller in pharmaceutical industry;
  • production engineer (food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry);
  • chemist expert in test centres and laboratories;
  • analyst in state supervisory and regulatory authorities;
  • head of a Laboratory in state supervisory and regulatory authorities;
  • analyst in pharmaceutical companies;
  • teacher of chemistry;
Bachelor in Chemistry are eligible to apply to any Master's programme.

Admission & Tuition

State-funded applicants  (Russian nationals and  Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries ) are  expected to  take  the following exams:

  • Сhymistry 
  • Mathematics 

  • Russian language

Fee-paying applicants are expected to take:


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