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The IKBFU Geography programmes provide a strong grounding in current geographical theory, methods and practice by drawing on the expertise from across the region. Combining core training in theory and practice with the opportunity to specialise in one of the four chosen areas, students can develop their knowledge on the subject of their interest. Basic knowledge of Geography is necessary for understanding patterns of territorial development in the current and historical perspective.

The programme provides an advanced understanding of geography, its evolution in space and time, as well as in-depth knowledge of nature management and anthropogenic impact on the environment.

The goal of the programme is to train highly qualified competitive specialists in geography.

Advantages of the programme:

The programme is developed in collaboration with the Atlantic branch of the P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and employers.

Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • analyse the efficiency of spatial planning and regional management;

  • do spatial planning;

  • elaborate regional development policy; develop regional projects and territorial management systems;

  • teach geography in schools, colleges and universities.

Programme Description

05.03.02. Geography. .

Duration of the Programme: 2 years.

Programme type: Full-time.

Language of instruction: Russian.

Institute: Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning .

Courses & Study Load

Number of ECTS - 240

Basic courses:

Geography, hydrology, introduction to meteorology and climatology, introduction to geology and geomorphology, biology and introduction to biodiversity mapping, topography, introduction to biogeography and landscape studies, soil geography, geophysics and geochemistry of landscapes, methods of research in geography, IT in geography, physical geography of Russia’s landscapes, physical geography and landscapes of continents and oceans, economic and social geography of Russia, economic and social geography of the world, population geography, introduction to demography and urban studies, the basics of recreational geography and tourism, political geography and geopolitics, environmental management and environmental protection.

Professional Training / Intership

Atlantic Branch of the P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, the Russian Academy of Sciences, JSC Baltic Aerogeodetic Enterprise, the Curonian Spit National Park, the IKBFU laboratory of the Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning.

Professional Training / Internships
Career Opportunities

Graduates can apply for various positions in administration and management, municipal authorities, higher, secondary and vocational education institutions, departments of environmental protection, industrial enterprises and organizations.

Admission & Tuition

State-funded applicants (Russian nationals and  Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries) are  expected to  take  the following exams:

  • Geography 

  • Mathematics 

  • Russian language

Fee-paying applicants are expected to take: 


Director of the Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning - Professor Gennady M. Fedorov, Dr. of Geography


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Language of instruction - Russian

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