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Philology «Russian philology, foreign philology»

Programme Information

The programme provides a traditional education in the humanities with an emphasis on Russian and foreign philology. It combines a classical education with a modern vision of the humanities.

The programme aims to train philologists with a good command of languages and effective communication skills.

Programme’s advantages:

The programme has been accredited by the National Centre of Public and Professional Accreditation

Upon completing the programme, you will

  • become familiar with the major intellectual traditions in Russian and foreign philology,

  • have a sufficient background to start a career in literature,

  • be able to work with most difficult texts,

  • teach literature and the Russian language.

Programme Description

45.03.01. Philology. Russian philology, foreign philology.

Duration of the Programme: 4 years.

Programme type: Full-time.

Language of instruction: Russian.

Institute: Institute for the Humanities.

Courses & Study Load

Number of ECTS credits: 240

Disciplines: classical (Old Slavic and Latin) and foreign languages, history of Russian literature, history of foreign literature, history of the Russian (Polish, English) language, methodology of teaching, theory of literature, general linguistics, translation and interpreting.


Students complete internships at Kaliningrad schools, Kaliningrad museums and libraries (Amber Museum, World Ocean Museum, Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library, Kaliningrad Cathedral), Kaliningrad universities, and Polish partner universities.

Professional Training / Internships
Career Opportunities

Graduates will have necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a successful career at publishing houses, periodicals, PR agencies, and PR departments.

Admission & Tuition

State-funded applicants (Russian nationals and  Russian speaking applicants from the CIS countries) are  expected to  take  the following exams:

  • Literature

  • Russian language

  • Foreign Language

Fee-paying applicants are expected to take:


Arina TKACHENKO, Degree Programme Manager

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Languages: Russian, English

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