Currently, the University is running more than 300 degree programmes of secondary, vocational, higher, postgraduate, continuing, and executive education. The share of graduate students is 73.8% and the share of master and postgraduate students is 23.3%.


Language of instruction and education is Russian. The education is free-based.

Step 1. Choose your programme 


Step 2. Apply for the programme of your choice and enclose the following documents: 

1. Scan of your travel pass (main page)

2. Notarized translation into Russian of the main page of your travel pass

3. Scans of your education certificates and diplomas

4. Notarized translation of your education certificates and diplomas

Admission is open from June, 20.

Deadline for applications into Bachelor and Specialist degree programmes is 10th July (7th July for «Design», «Journalism», «Physical education», «Choreography» programmes)

Deadline for applications into Master degree programmes is 30th July.

Deadline for applications into postgraduate programmes is 16th July.
Admission period for Residency programmes lasts from 2d July until 10th August.

Step 3. Pass your exams and wait for results 

Step 4. Sign the contract 
In case of question please contact:

Step 5. Wait for invitation and apply for your Russian visa 
In case of question please contact

Step 6. Reserve your place at dormitory 
In case of question please contact Dr Natalia Alekseeva:

Step 7. 
Arrive in Kaliningrad before September, 1

Admissions Office

14 A. Nevskogo ul., Kaliningrad, 236041

+7 (4012) 59-55-96
fax: +7 (4012) 31-33-33