The Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning (IEMUD&SP)

The Institute of Environmental Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning (IEMUD&SP) offers Bachelor and Master’s degree programmes in Geography, Geo-ecology, Hydrometeorology and Geography of the Ocean, Spatial Planning and Cadastral Surveying, Construction and Architectural Design. Postgraduate and doctoral programmes are aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the abovementioned fields.

The Institute has a dissertation panel for defending theses in Geography, Geo-ecology, and Oceanography as well as in Economic, Social, Political and Recreational Geography.

Education programmes are logically linked to comprehensive research into the Baltic Sea region and the Kaliningrad region.

The Institute collaborates with the Atlantic Branch of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which also houses the Department of Geography of the Ocean. Other partners of the Institute are leading universities and research institutes from Russia and abroad.

The Institute for Social Sciences, Humanities and Communication (ISCH&C)

The Institute for Social Sciences, Humanities and Communication is a higher education institution, training professionals in Psychology, Linguistics, Public Relations and Advertising, Journalism, Political Science, Sociology and Social work. The Institute boasts a unique combination of applied higher education training programmes and is known for its creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as for its students and staff academic mobility.

The organizational structure of the Institute comprises several departments: the Department of Psychology and Social Work, the Department of Political Science, Social Technologies and Communications, the Department of Linguistics and Didactics, and the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies.

There is also a well-equipped sociology laboratory, which is used for doing research and organizing students’ internship.

The Institute cooperates with universities from Austria, Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, the United States and other countries.

Higher School of Pedagogy (HSP)

Since 2005, the Higher School of Pedagogy has been training teachers specializing in a variety of fields ranging from pre-school and elementary education to computer science and education management. The HSP created a unique academic environment that helps to continuously improve teaching quality and train educators meeting professional demands of the future. The Higher School of Pedagogy boasts several resource centers such as the Centre of Pedagogical Education and the Centre of Psycho-Pedagogical Education, "Kaleidoscope" classroom, and research and education laboratories. Apart from its everyday activities, the HSP organizes an annual Psychology and Education Marathon and runs a school for camp counselors.

The mission of the Higher School of Pedagogy is to improve learning outcomes by raising the quality and status of teaching in secondary and higher education and to develop a system of continuous professional pedagogical education.

The Higher School of Pedagogy creates research and education cluster in education, education management, and culture.

The HSP extensively cooperates with educational institutions of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region, the Russian Academy of Education, and the universities of Russia, Europe and America.

The Institute of Economics and Management (IEM)

The Institute of Economics and Management (IEM) offers practice-oriented education programmes in Economics and Management. The programmes have been designed within the framework of large international projects and in close collaboration with the regional business community.

Students of the IEM participate in a double-degree programme in Economics and Management implemented jointly with the Pierre Mendès-France University (Grenoble, France).

The IEM collaborates with the leading companies of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region (Victoria Group of Companies, OOO Baucenter, the Semya Trading House, Yurinat Group of Companies, Sberbank of Russia and many others) as well as with large business associations - the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce, the Baltic Business Club and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. This kind of collaboration increases motivation, and allows the IEM students to succeed in practical courses, as well as in completing their course papers and Master’s degree theses. In addition, the Institute has set up and effectively runs a school of professional excellence where students acquire skills related to the profile of a particular company.

The IME students and alumni has set up a business case club to perfect their professional, communication and networking skills.

The Institute of Medicine (IM)

The Institute of Medicine educates future practitioners. A combination of thorough academic education in medicine and annual hands-on training in leading hospitals in Russia, Germany, Lithuania and Poland makes the IM graduates competitive regionally and internationally.

The academic and research staff of the IM include renowned professors attracted from medical institutes of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Smolensk, Orenburg, Omsk and Tomsk. The IM has several departments and a large medical library. The   Centre for Medical Diagnostics provides excellent laboratory space and boasts the latest medical research facilities for testing students’ and professors’ ideas and hypotheses.

The Institute collaborates with the leading medical universities in Russia, the Gdansk Medical University, University of Lubick, Grodno Medical University and Klaipeda University. The IM regularly invites guest lecturers from Germany, Denmark and France and runs student mobility and academic exchange programmes.

The Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (IAM&I)

The Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatics provides education and research in high priority areas of modern science - mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence, automated control systems, computer technology and networks, computational mathematics, information and computer security, environmental monitoring and algebraic geometry. Mathematics and mathematical research form a solid foundation for the development of advanced and complex technologies, rapid industrial development, and energy generation and help to solve environmental problems. Creative thinking, firmly based on profound fundamental knowledge, allows the IAMI students and alumni to set the most ambitious goals and successfully attain them.

The Institute of Chemistry and Biology (ICB)

The Institute of Chemistry and Biology educates future professionals in natural sciences. The ICB students study Chemistry, Biology and Biomedicine – the sciences most needed for the development of breakthrough technologies. The ICB successfully develops research and education projects in Chemistry, Biology and related fields through integration of key processes and support of academic initiatives fitting the global research agenda. The Institute delivers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes as well as programmes of postgraduate education to provide specialists for the existing industries. Whatever specialization students choose, they will be able to fulfil their potential not only in the real sector of the economy but also in research and development.

One of the Institute’s key objectives is to develop the students’ ability to be creative, generate new products and add value to the existing ones.

The Institute employs high-calibre researchers. The ICB infrastructure is based on the state-of-the-art equipment carefully selected to form closed-cycle installations, from auxiliary sample preparation instruments to complete research facilities.

The Institute for the Humanities (IH)

The Institute for the Humanities is committed to training highly qualified specialists in the Russian Language, Philology, Philosophy, and History. The IH students live in the amazing and intricate world of words, texts, meanings, and intellectual traditions. They interact with the world, using various modern technologies. They feel free in the plurality of languages, numerous cultures, and various periods of human history. The high universality of liberal education allows the IH to excel in developing non-standard thinking, enhance their erudition, and develop a need for self-education. The Institute has numerous partners across Europe. Committed to collaborative activities, the IH promotes intellectual exchange, contributing to a common research and education space within the surrounding Baltic region and beyond.

The Institute of Physics and Technology (IP&T)

The Institute of Physics and Technology is a rapidly developing higher education institution running research and education programmes in Radiophysics, Fundamental Physics and Technology, Information and Communication Technologies and Communication systems, Information Systems and Technologies and Information security.

The Institute delivers five Bachelor’s and eight Master’s degree programmes. Apart from implementing training programmes in Engineering and Natural Science, the Institute of Physics and Technology is committed to assist students in gaining professional competences that will help them adapt to the constantly changing professional environment as well as have better career opportunities.

The Institute employs more than 80 professors, qualified engineers and technicians attracted from Russia and abroad. Many of them are internationally recognized. The Institute uses the most up-to-date research facilities at the Fabrika science park of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. The1,900 square metres of the Institute premises accommodate 33 research laboratories, multimedia facilities and specialized computer laboratories.

The Institute collaborates with 25 businesses and engineering companies and organisations in the region. Partnership agreements link the Institute with education and research centres of Gdansk University of Technology and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland), the University of Turku (Finland), the Fraunhofer research institutes network (Germany), the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic), the Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN) and others.

The Institute of Law (IL)

The Institute of Law is a modern higher education providing instruction in legal studies. The Institute sees its mission in training highly qualified lawyers possessing both deep fundamental knowledge of law and practical skills. The Institute graduates are competitive on the national labour market and definitely meet international professional standards.

At present, the IL employs 60 professors and lecturers holding various academic degrees. They foster a supportive environment for the implementation of education programmes of all levels as well as for doing research. The Institute has all the necessary facilities for meeting academic and intellectual needs of its students and staff – IT databases, modern lecture rooms, etc.

The Legal Aid Clinic is run by the IL students (under the supervision of experienced lawyers) and provides free legal advice to residents of Kaliningrad. Another centre, the Centre of International and European Law, specializes in European law. It holds numerous international academic and research seminars and conferences.

The Institute pays special attention to language training. Guest lecturers, renowned scholars from different countries visit the Institute every year, and students of the Institute participate in various international academic mobility programmes.

The Institute of Recreation, Tourism and Sports (IRT&PE)

The Institute of Recreation, Tourism and Sports runs industry-relevant programmes in hospitality, tourism and physical education. The mission of the Institute is to train professionals for the tourism and hospitality industry, physical training and sports. Graduates of the Institute excel in international and domestic tourism and hospitality management as well as in organising sports and social events. Graduates of the Physical Education and Choreography programmes are employed in education institutions, sports and art centres.

The Institute cooperates with universities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Khabarovsk, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok and implements joint research projects with universities of Germany, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland.

The Institute boasts modern sports and physical training infrastructure, a swimming pool, its own training facility for students of hotel management, numerous computer laboratories, and a media library.

The Institute of Transport and Technical Maintenance (IT&T)

The mission of the Institute is to educate highly qualified and competitive professionals in transport, logistics and engineering. The Institutes delivers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and integrates education with research.

Partners of the Institute are leading transport and technical engineering companies of the region as well as education institutions. The Institute provides practice-oriented programmes meeting the needs and demands of the industry.

The Institute strives to enhance the staff and students’ professional and academic experience by participating in international mobility programmes.

European Business School I.Kant Baltic Federal University

Business School was formed by a group of business schools EBSI (European Business Schools International) and includes more than 10 schools around the world. The parent institution located in Paris. And it is in charge of all training programs. The rest — are located throughout Europe: Madrid, Dublin, London, Munich, Dortmund, as well as in the United States. EBSI system has existed since 1965, during this time there is a certain specificity of training, which we adhere to. It intelligently combines European and Russian courses.

KrausLab in European Business School

Kraus Lab is a Graduate School at European Business School which aims at creating conditions for students to develop entrepreneurial ( in its wide meaning) competences in learning by doing environment.

KrausLab is offering a Master’s Degree in Management , including a semester in English

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