Shared Experimental Facilities Center

The Center of Nanomaterials Research (CNR) branches out to the Shared Experimental Facilities Center (SEFC), which manages and coordinates the use of the equipment park at the Fabrika.

The Science and Technology Park “Fabrika” at IKBFU combines state-of-the-art machines, methods and scientific expertise for the growth, analysis, morphological/structural characterization and study of electronic properties of materials structured on the nanometer scale. The Fabrika enables the scientific groups of the IKBFU and their collaborators to have their samples prepared and characterized with the help of a large number of very sensitive tools and machinery, which are able to optimize the production conditions and the structure of the product, thus allowing the tailoring of the physical properties functional to specific devices.

The measurements include in-situ methods by a number of surface spectroscopies and ex-situ methods.

The equipment is available for all IKBFU scientists and their collaborators.

In order to book the equipment, please first select it in "Schedule the use of facilities".