Center of Nanomaterials Research

Director: Dino Fiorani

The Center of Nanomaterials Research (CNR) at IKBFU is an interdisciplary scientific project devoted to the theoretical design of new functional nanomaterials, their fabrication and characterization. The key objective is to face the future technological challenges and to ensure long-term competitiveness and international visibility of the IKBFU and the whole Kaliningrad region as well in fundamental and applied research and as in technology transfer to industrial manifacturing in the field of Nanotechnology. This will require the coordination of all activities at IKBFU in the field of nanoscience research and education and for the development of internationally leading Nano Science competencies. The Center has an interdisciplinary character and its research program connects the activity on materials research carried out by the Reference Centers “Functional magnetic materials” and “Living systems”, and by the Institutes of “Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies” and “Biology and Chemistry”.

The CNR coordinates and manages the Shared Experimental Facilities Center. These facilities involve the laboratories at the “Fabrika” and also other locally (IKBFU), regionally (Kaliningrad) and internationally contractually facilities needing support and consultation in nanotechnology research.

To ask for the use of an equipment, please first select it in "Schedule the use of facilities", then fill the Form and send it SEFC@

Center of Nanomaterials Research

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