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Students Organisations

Students’ Council

The Student Council is a representative body of students' self-administration. It has been functioning for 10 years. The Council works in different directions. It is comprised of the Center of Public and International Relations and even Committee on Security. Everybody can choose something for themselves there, if no – there is always an opportunity to create your own direction and head it! So, if you have desire to work, be well informed of all events and make events yourself, the Student Council is waiting for you!

Key activities: Creative Autumn, Memorial Evening, Best couple of IKBFU, Course Leaders School.

Head of the Council: Eduard Marinenko

Contacts: +7 911 481 47 24; E-mail:

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Students’ research society

It is a youth organization which unites students of the University and is aimed at developing, supporting and stimulating their research activities. The main goal is to develop research skills enhancing the competence of students.

Key activities: LingvoClub, KantianaStart: Student Science, ScienceSlam Kaliningrad, conferences and seminars for young researchers within Days of Science at IKBFU.

Head of the society: Ivan Kostenko

Contact: +7 (906) 235-35-98

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The Students’ Union

The aim of the Students’ Union is to defend social, economic and other students’ rights defined in the University Charter and to represent the students at the University’ Administration.

Key activities: ProfLeader, ProfActiv, F.R.E.S.H., KantianaStart, Student Self-governance, charitable actions, rest camp “Otradnoe”.

Head: Alisa Krasnova

Contact: + 7 (911) 487-05-88

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United Council of Learners

The United Council of Learners is established for better coordination of all the students’ organisations of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

Key activities: First Regional Forum “KantianaStart”, Students’ New Year and holidays.

Head of the Council: Alina Klimentieva

Contacts: +7 (911) 455-95-66

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Student theater “Tretiy etazh”

The theater was established in 1995. Today it is a group of like-minded people uniting newcomers (apprentices), old participants (core group and group “Vechernyaya stsena”), and also the permanent creative director Evgeniy Myshkin. The theater regularly performs for Kaliningrad audience, conducts its own original festival and lives by faith in human virtue, truth and goodness. It preaches honesty and simplicity and values of sincere heart above all.

Key performances: Romeo and Juliet, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Dandelion Wine, Uncle Vanya, The Little Tragedies, etc., student theatres’ festivals, creative programme of the University Day and of the City Day.

Creative Director: Evgeniy Myshkin

Contacts: +7 (4012) 90-46-30

Web site:

VK page:

KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive)

It is the Russian intellectual and humorous national show which has been running for more than 50 years. There are several KVN leagues in Kaliningrad. The league “Facultet” conducts performances at IKBFU. It is a place where future humorists and showmen take their first steps. The league started in 2005. The team of IKBFU is the best team of 2011 in the Northwestern Federal District and always takes part in KVN festival in Sochi.

Key activities: League Season (festival, ¼, ½, final); project “Institutes’’ battle”.

Head: Kseniya Urchik

Contacts: +7 (911) 455-81-01

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