Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Kantiana Endowment Fund


The KANTIANA Endowment Fund is a non-profit legal entity pursuing charitable, cultural, educational and other public benefit goals of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

The Fund is created for the following purposes:

  • formation of target capital, use and distribution of income from the endowment for the benefit of the University;
  • supporting research, educational and international activities of the University;
  • development of infrastructure for research and education in the Kaliningrad region;
  • delivering assistance and social support for the University faculty, including current teaching staff, former academics, talented students;
  • supporting the education, including development and implementation of non-profit educational projects and programmes.

The founders of the Fund are Russian citizens, employees of the University.
The Fund is registered at 6 Frunze Street (office 707), 236000 Kaliningrad, Russia.


  1. The members of Fund Presidency, the highest collegiate governing body of the Fund:
    • Gariy Chmyhov;

    • Evgeniy Morozov;

    • Oleg Ponomarev,

    • Olga Bolshakova,

    • Julia Shkurkina

  2. The members of Board of Trustees, the body exercising supervision over the activities of the Fund:
    • Oleg Bolychev

    • Vladislav Dorofeev

    • Igor Makovsky

  3. The Executive Director of the Fund, its the single executive body is Dmitry Gorbunov, Assistant to the Rector on entrepreneurship issues.

Fund Management Company is Gazprombank (JSC).

How to donate:


Tel. +7 4012 595 583,

Welcome Centre

14 A. Nevskogo ul., Kaliningrad, 236016

+7 (4012) 59-55-00
fax: +7 (4012) 46-58-13