Rector's Office

Dr Irina Kuksa

First Vice-Rector – Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Phone: +7 4012 465 581


Born January 9, 1967 in Pavlovsk, the Voronezh region.

In 1989, Irina Kuksa received a degree from the Kaliningrad State University, majoring in Philology. Later she received her PhD degree in Philology at the same university. Currently she is an associate professor.

After her graduation from the university, Irina Kuksa worked as head of the Radio Information Department for a local newspaper in the Neman municipality of the Kaliningrad region.

Since 1993, she has been working for IKBFU in various positions.

On September 1, 1999 Dr. Irina Kuksa was appointed Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, and January 14, 2009 - the first Vice-Rector, and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.

The scope of Dr. Kuksa’s research interests includes education management; issues of mass communication and speech, language and media style, linguistic modality as a way of expressing the author's position in the media.

Irina Kuksa is the author of about 70 research publications.

Administratively, Dr. Irina Kuksa is in charge of a number of IKBFU Departments: the Department of Educational programmes, HR Department, Social Policy and Student Affairs, and the Admission Department.

Irina Kuksa supervises IKBFU networking with other federal universities.

Dr. Irina Kuksa has received several national awards and is a member of expert quality assessment boards.

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