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Laboratory "Analytical and numerical modeling of nonlinear processes"

General information

Established in 2102. Staff - 8 people. Two professors.

Laboratory develops mathematical methods as well as computer and super-computer programs for research calculations.

Currently the laboratory team participates

a) project #1127: "Physical mechanisms of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere reaction to the processes in the lower atmosphere and to the surface of the Earth", funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Financing period 2014-2016.

b) RFFR project RFBR 15-05-01665 ionospheric irregularities triggered by meteorological processes

c) studying and modeling processes in the solar plasma in collaboration with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow University.

d) research on computer modeling of X-rays propagation in the X-ray microscope jointly with the Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) Research papers have not been financed yet.

e) In collaboration with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and St. Petersburg State University the laboratory conducts a study on modeling and the research of wave propagation in the Earth's atmosphere as well as the effects of these waves on the parameters of the medium.

f) Together with the Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) the laboratory carries out work on the development of new mathematical methods and computer programs for the quantum multi-particle systems simulation with a view to solving the problems related to nanotechnologies. The research has not been financed yet. New methods and test software have already been developed.


The studies used supercomputer in I.Kant BFUand the most powerful one in Europe, the supercomputer "Lomonosov" in M.Lomonosov MSU,which features products developed by the laboratory

Research Team

PROF. Kshevetskii Sergey,,

PROF. Leble Sergey Borisovich


  • Theoretical physics:

    • Quantum physics

    • Optics of gradient-index (GRIN) media

    • Nonlinear waves

    • Free convection problem

  • Mathematical physics and applied mathematics:

    • Darboux transformations

    • Integrable systems

    • Boundary value and eigenvalue problems of mathematical physics  

PhD Vereshchagina Irina,,

PhD Vereshchagin Sergey,   

PhD Paul Voida, Poland, Gdanska Politechnica,  

PhD sudent Kurdyaeva Julia,

PhD student Botman Stepan,

PhD student Ampilogov Dmitry,

1. Gavrilov N.M., Kshevetskii S.P., Koval A. V. Verifications of the high-resolution numerical model and polarization relations of atmospheric acoustic-gravity waves. // Geoscientific Model Development 2015, 6; 8(6):1831-1838. DOI:10.5194/gmd-8-1831-2015 • 3.62 Impact Factor

2. Gavrilov N.M., Kshevetskii S.P. Three-dimensional numerical simulation of nonlinear acoustic-gravity wave propagation from the troposphere to the thermosphere.// Earth Planets and Space . 2014, 6; 66:88. DOI:10.1186/1880-5981-66-88 • 3.06 Impact Factor.

3. Gavrilov N.M., Kshevetskii S.P .Dynamical and thermal effects of nonsteady nonlinear acoustic-gravity waves propagating from tropospheric sources to the upper atmosphere. / / Advances in Space Research 2015, 2 55. DOI:10.1016/j.asr.2015.01.033 • 1.35 Impact Factor

4. Gavrilov N. M., Kshevetskii S. P. Numerical modeling of propagation of breaking nonlinear acoustic-gravity waves from the lower to the upper atmosphere. // Advances in Space Research 2013, 2 51(7):1168-1174. DOI:10.1016/j.asr.2012.10.023 • 1.35 Impact Factor

5. Alekseeva L.M., Kshevetskii S.P. Numerical MHD Simulation of the Coupled Evolution of Collisional Plasma and Magnetic Field in the Solar Chromosphere. I. Gradual and Impulsive Energisation // Solar Physics 2015, v. 290, Issue 11, pp.3295-3318i. 4.04 Impact Factor

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