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Laboratory for Digital Information Processing

General information

Research areas

  • development of signal processing technology for ranging, direction finding, and high-definition spectroscopy systems with a focus on the possibility of processing signals in the area of non-orthogonality;

  • development of diffraction-limited methods for processing video images obtained using optical systems;

  • development of adaptive signal filtering methods in radio systems given non-orthogonality of the signal and the noise.

  • ‘Vektor’ multifunctional radio engineering complex for monitoring sea surfaces and the ionosphere,

  • BUNIL IV analogue/digital radio receiver,

  • data measuring modular system,

  • ZetLab system,

  • equipment for designing and testing programmable radio cards.

Research Team

Пахотин В.А.Prof. Pakhotin V.A., Prof. V.E. Zakharov, Associate Prof. V.A. Bessonov, Associate Prof. S.V. Molostova, Associate Prof. K.V. Vlasova, PhD student V.I. Strokov, PhD student A.I. Babinovich, PhD student Simonov R.V., PhD student Chernova I.B., Master’s student D.S. Kotova.

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  3. Liberman I.V., Pakhotin V.A., Strokov V.I. (2015) A solution to the problem of complex signal separation in the case of vertical ionosphere sounding. 17th Digital Signal Processing and its Applications international conference, XVII (1), 368-372.

  4. Vlasova K.V., Volkhoskaya E.V., Korotey E.V., Pakhotin V.A., Strokov V.I. (2015) An algorithm for assessing the parameters of a composite NMR signal using the maximum likelihood method. 17th Digital Signal Processing and its Applications International Conference, XVII (1), 372-376.

  5. V.A. Pakhotin, I.B. Chernova, K.V. Vlasova. (2015). Signal filtering using the maximum likelihhod method. Vestnik IKBFU, 10, 114-118

  6. I.B. Chernova,V.A. Pakhotin, V.A. Bessonov (2015). Results of simulation studies of radio impulse filtering. Vestnik IKBFU, 10, 118-122

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  8. E.V. Volkhonskaya, V.A. Pakhotin, E.V. Korotey, K.V. Vlasova (2015). Assessing the parameters of a phase-shift-keyed radio sounding signal and their dispersion using the maximum likelihood method. Radiosistemy, 13, 18-21.

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