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Main research fields of the Laboratory of Immunology and cellular biotechnology

General information
  1. Mechanisms of metabolic abnormalities in insulin resistance;

  2. Cellular and molecular genetic mechanisms regulating the activation process, differentiation and self-immune memory;

  3. Development of innovative ways of diagnosing the risk of endometriosis by polymerase chain reaction in real time;

  4. Working out scientific and technological potential to create tissue-engineered constructs based biocomposite materials and cultured cells in vitro;

  5. The study of the potential therapeutic properties of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells of post-natal tissues of animals with a view to their application in regenerative veterinary medicine.

  1. Multimodal microplate reader Mithras Research II,

  2. Aggregometer 490-2D optical, 2-channel, including DESTEN computer set. HRONOPAR Collagen,

  3. Microscope Akiostar Plus,

  4. SKH4 Olympus inverted microscope,

  5. CO2 Incubator MCO-15AS, Sanyo,

  6. High Water purification system Simplicity UV, Millipore,

  7. Drying ovens MOV-212F, Sanyo,

  8. Hemostasis Analyzer Coagulometer ACL 7000

  9. Automatic Biochemical Analyzer CA-180,

  10. Flow digital fluorometer EasyCyte Plus Base System, Guava Technologies,

  11. Flow cytofluorometer MACSQuant Analyzer,

  12. Automatic immunomagnetic cell sorter AutoMACS Pro starter kit,

  13. Device for biomarkers diagnosis of Bio-Plex System with the automated Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station plate washer system,

  14. SAS-1 Plus / SAS-2 230 Automated Protein Electrophoresis System, V-HELENA BioScienses Europe,

  15. Analyzer LightCycler 480-II for the PCR analysis in real time: a fuser 96-well plate modification,

  16. LightCycler 480 analyzer for PCR testing in real time: a fuser 384-well plate modification,

  17. LNP40 Generator of liquid nitrogen ,

  18. System for living cells culture monitoring Cell-lQ v.2 with accessories,

  19. Research biological fluorescent microscope,

  20. Real-time cell analyzer, assembled / RTCA xCELLigence DP bundle (complete with plates E-Plate-hole.)

  21. Automated Immunoenzymometric Analyzer "Lazurite" (Lapis) with accessories, "Dynex Technologies"

Research Team
  1. Литвинова Л.С.Litvinova Larisa, Dr. of Medicine, Head of the Laboratory,,
  2. Shupletsova Valeria, PhD in Biology,
  3. Kirienkova Elena, PhD. in Medicine,
  4. Aksenova Natalia, PhD. in Biology,
  5. Zima Anastasia, Dr. of Medicine,
  6. Vasilenko Maria,
  7. Dunets Natalia, PhD in Biology,
  8. Skuratovskaya Darya,
  9. Haziahmatova Olga, PhD. in Biology,
  10. Yurova Christine, PhD. in Medicine,

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