Date Last Name, First name Title of presentation
19.05.2017 Zyubin Andrey Childhood lympoblastic leukemia: study of risk factors and therapy prognosis
12.05.2017 Schitz Dmitry Applications of low-temperature gas plasma in medicine
05.05.2017 Ekaterina Lasareva Monitoring of glycated proteins by optical methods
28.04.2017 Yurkevich Oksana Protective radiolucent aluminum oxide coatings for beryllium x-ray optics
21.04.2017 Valerian Yurov The Landau-Lifshitz equation, the NLS, and the magnetic rogue wave as a by-product of two colliding regular "positons"
14.04.2017 Aleksandr Petrov Polymer X-ray refractive nano-lenses fabricated by additive manufacturing
07.04.2017 Mourad Smari Large magnetocaloric effect detected in manganites LaPbNaMO3-New multiferroic materials for energy applications
31.03.2017 Subashchandrabose Subramanyan Vibrational and rotational energy simulation and electronic excitation of some functional materials
24.03.2017 Ivan Lyatun Metrology of beryllium compound refractive lenses
17.03.2017 Medvedeva Svetlana X-Ray reflectometry technique based on refractive optics
10.03.2017 Shanawer Niaz Functionalization of Germanium Nanowires of Various Sizes for Possible Nano-electronic (optical) Applications: A Theoretical Study
03.03.2017 Mansouri Moufida Novel magnetocaloric materials and room temperature magnetic refrigeration
17.02.2017 Mikhail Vereshchagin Domain wall dynamics in amorphous magnetic microwires
10.02.2017 Ekaterina Levada Applications of Nanoparticles for MRI Liver Cancer Diagnosis
03.02.2017 Grzegorz Kwiatkowski Domain wall dynamics in bistable microwires: theoretical approach
27.01.2017 Dmitry Serebrennikov Lattice dynamics invvestigations and thermodynamic properties of hexa- and dodecaborides of f- and d-elements
20.01.2017 Irina Baraban Patially covered magnetically bi-phase microwires: fabrication, investigation, application
11.01.2017 Alexander Omelyanchik Nanoscale Magnetism Control via Surface and Exchange Anisotropy for Optimized Ferrimagnetic Hysteresis
16.12.2016 Ksenia Chichay Enhancement of the exchange bias effect in trilayered and bilayered thin films
16.12.2016 Ksenia Chichay Domain wall dynamics tunable through magnetoelastic interaction and micromagnetic structure modification in structures with cylindrical symmetry
09.12.2016 Victor Belyaev Plasmon induced magneto-optical effects in ferromagnetic nanostructures
02.12.2016 Dmitriy Zverev High-energy X-ray beam shaping elements based on refractive optics
25.11.2016 Daniil Shilkin Optical manipulation of microparticles using Bloch surface waves in a dielectric multilayer
18.11.2016 Sergey Shevyrtalov Ni-Mn-Ga based Heusler alloys in form of thin films
11.11.2016 Evgeny Clementyev Coexistence of long range magnetic order and spin fluctuations in 4f electron systems
28.10.2016 Oksana Koplak Magnetization state diagram in a perpendicular synthetic ferrimagnet CoFeB/Ta/CoFeB trilayer
21.10.2016 Petr Shvets Thin Ti2O3 films produced by cathodic arc sputtering
14.10.2016 Maxim Polikarpov Diamond refrective X-ray optics
07.10.2016 Valerian Yurov The Cauchy problem for the generalized hyperbolic Novikov -Veselov equation
30.09.2016 Grunin Aleksey Magnetostructural properties and phase transitions of the Heuslrr alloy Ni-Mn-In thin films”
23.09.2016 Shcherbakov Maksim Nonlinear optics of semiconductor metasurfaces
16.09.2016 First meeting of the FunMagMa seminar Background studies