News of FunMagMa

27 November 2017

Dr. Ivan Starkov gave a lecture for FunMagMa

The scientist of Nanotechnology Centre of Saint Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dr. Ivan Starkov gave a lecture for FunMagMa postodocs
19 October 2017

Science Colloquium

Due to the lock of funding by the University, the Science Colloquium cannot be continued
18 September 2017

FunMagMa’s meeting

One of the regular FunMagMa’s meetings was held in STP "Factory" on 14 September 2017
25 April 2017

Congratulations Dr. Valeria Rodionova

We, all the members of FunMagMa group, heartily congratulate Dr. Valeria Rodionova and co-authors on wining a remarkable project titled “Physics fundamentals for the creation of electromagnetic actuators based on microwires” which is funded by Russian Science Foundation. It is indeed a tremendous success.