Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

FunMagMa aims

FunMagMa aims at developing internationally state-of-the art technology and performing fundamental research

  • for energy conserving technologies based on magnetic materials which includes

    • chargeless spin transport and magneto logic for future generations of magnonic integrated circuits and sensors

    • the optimization of magnetocaloric materials for environmentally friendly magnetic refrigeration

    • design of permanent magnets with special geometries for electric motors, transformers and generators.

  • for magnetically guided drug delivery, diagnosis and therapy and biomedical applications

    • Developing functionalized hybrid nanoparticles (nanorods, nanocapsules) for ultra-low impact and non-invasive treatment of patients, cell-sorting processes and gene sequencing.

    • Design of multii-functionalized bio-compatible magnetic particles for magnetic resonance imaging and simultaneous hyperthermia and magneto-mechanical  treatment.

  • on Technologies for manipulation, control and characterization of individual cells and nanoparticles

  • using Broadband microwave, optical and x-ray spectroscopies of magnetic materials in the time and frequency domain

    • Microfocus Synchrotron based techniques

    • Femto- Second spectroscopies

    • Spectroscopies with nanoscale spatial resolution