Interdisciplinary Reference Centre: Functionalized Magnetic Materials for Energy and Biomedical Applications

Interdisciplinary Reference Centre: Functionalized Magnetic Materials for Energy and Biomedical Applications

This new Center at IKBFU was inaugurated on Aug 1, 2016 in the framework of the 5-100 Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. .  Until 2018 the center has not received the status of a “structural unit” of the university. Based on a unanimous vote on April 6, 2018  (see minutes) the members of the steering committee recommended to the rector to close FunMagMa on June 30, 2018.

Activities of the FunMagMa are aimed at improving the competitiveness of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University to move its international ranking up among the leading global research and educational centers. At FunMagMa, we aim at bringing together the expertise of regional and international experts for the development of new materials and devices in the innovative research areas of spintronics, magnetic refrigeration, sensor technology, in line synchrotron optics and biomedical theranostics with a focus on both fundamental understanding and commercial applications. State-of-the-art experimental and modelling techniques are used for investigations of physical and chemical processes in situ and ex situ. Future and existing experimental facilities at IKBFU related to materials research will be managed by the newly established shared user facility “The Center of Nanomaterials Research (CNR)”. Numerous international high level guests have been and will be regularly invited to give lectures on the newest developments in research areas related to FunMagMa activities. FunMagMa also develops educational programs for students at all levels.

We are a young and dynamic research team – enjoying a collaborative and interactive “Fun” spirit in an open and communicative atmosphere between senior and junior staff. Regular seminars of the FunMagMa team take place every Friday at “STP Fabrika” at 10 am. Everyone is welcome. Come and join us in the Fun! The center provides financial support for students grants, contracts and for incoming and outgoing visits of students and scientists at all levels interested in working with us.

The inaugurational first meeting of the FunMagMa seminar was held on 16.09.2016. The “Pioneers of Fun MagMa” and our guests are in the photo below.

Pioners of FunMagMa: D.Shilkin, V.Yurov, D.Serebrennikov, V.Belyaev, A.Omelyanchik , D.Fiorani, M.Farle, S.Shevyrtalov, P.Shvets, K.Chichay, O.Koplak, A.Grunin, D.Zverev​, I.Lyatun, Ch.Gritsenko, M.Vereshchagin, A. Snigirev, V.Rodionova.