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Campus Life
Campus Life
News Media
News Media
  • 3D programs are implemented into the studying process
    Shivani Khandalikar Shivani Khandalikar India Read more

  • I plan to undergo my next internship in Russia again
    Tony Miguel Pinto Capela Tony Miguel Pinto Capela France Read more

  • I found my programme in Business Management
    Fabricia Jardim Fabricia Jardim Brazil Read more

  • While living here you can have a taste for both Russia and Europe
    Kai Lin Kai Lin China Read more

  • The nature of the region is very impressive, there are beautiful nature reserves
    Gido van der Stadt Gido van der Stadt Netherlands Read more

  • Russia is hardly the first study option for Brazilian, but I’m enjoying my experience here
    Gabriel Katsuyuki Noda Gabriel Katsuyuki Noda Brazil Read more

  • Anatomy and Biology are being taught by world-class teachers
    Demetrio Atanasov Demetrio Atanasov Bulgaria Read more

  • You can walk from the university to the city center
    Rodrigo Sanchez Rodrigo Sanchez Guatemala Read more

  • Professors are closer to me in the study process than I expected
    Sedric Nana Sedric Nana Cameroon Read more

  • Students’ life at the university is very eventful
    Botir Begimkulov Botir Begimkulov Uzbekistan Read more

  • In the dormitory we have free internet and laundry
    Shreya Salvi Shreya Salvi India Read more

  • There is a multicultural environment convenient for study at the university
    Walid Abdul Karim Dayani Walid Abdul Karim Dayani Cameroon Read more

  • The climate here is not as hot as in my home country Morocco
    Youssef Mimi Youssef Mimi Morocco Read more

  • I really love Kaliningrad – it is picturesque and safe place
    Marthe Vrijdags Marthe Vrijdags Brazil Read more

  • What I like about the university mainly is the сreative atmosphere
    Milan Procyk Milan Procyk Germany Read more

  • I like University’s dormitory because of its good conditions
    Shulin Li Shulin Li China Read more

  • Here I will get a good education and opportunities
    Sofja Adam Sofja Adam Germany Read more

  • University is providing the students very small classes
    Morgane Helene Julia Brette Morgane Helene Julia Brette France Read more

  • I have an opportunity to connect learning and business practice
    Marek Tadeusz Kotwica Marek Tadeusz Kotwica Poland Read more

  • What I like is the active student life
    Catherine Elizabeth Golitzin Catherine Elizabeth Golitzin USA Read more